First of all, I'm insanely in love with coffee.
Using an assortment of DAWs since childhood,
I've been making music for many years.
Only recently did I decide to share my music.
Inspired by what's trending, combined with the sound of the 90's.
I make all kinds of music, mostly electronic.
I'm very open to all kinds of collaborations, feel free to contact me.
Have I mentioned that I like coffee?

The thing with genres

As previously stated, I've been making music for many years.
The problem that comes with that is deciding on a main genre;
so I looked through my library of projects and decided to focus
on the electronic projects, since these were the most abundant.
Still, within that realm, I'm trying new stuff.
I love combining acoustic stuff, like guitars, with synths and sampled drums.
The closest to an established genre my music is would be progressive house,
since I'm very inspired by the late 90's electronic music.

Check out the links below,
the best way to contact me is via e-mail.