Album cover for Once Again

Once Again

Kind of a Nu Disco / modern rock song for those cold winter evenings, written in December 2020.
"And if we ever come together
Once Again."

Album cover for Never Leave Me

Never Leave Me

Chill song for those warm summer evenings, written in December 2019.
"You promised to Never Leave Me."

Album cover for The One

The One

Epic, melodic and catchy.
Originally written in Swedish.
"Wanna be The One?"

Album cover for Without You

Without You

A melody that really characterizes the feeling of longing for someone.
Awesome vocals by Kireina Michan.
"Without You, forever will be gone."

Album cover for Back to Life

Back to Life

My first release back in 2019.
Still proud of it though.
"Bring me Back to Life."